The Good-Lane Home

108 E Terrace Ave

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When Flannery Good and Jeremy Lane first moved into this house, they were so overwhelmed by its size that they jokingly referred to it as the “Good Lane Manor” and ten years later, the name stuck!

This iconic house, known throughout the neighborhood as “that big brick house on the corner,” was built by the Fourchy family who moved from Chowchilla into the Terrace Gardens residence in 1948. The Hiber family took stewardship of this historic home in 1965, and raised six children here, with the help of a live-in nanny who occupied the room now used as a gym. Flannery and Jeremy were surprised and delighted when approached by the former live-in helper during one of the annual Terrace block sales. She shared fascinating stories that provided the current residents with glimpses of how the home was enjoyed by its previous owners.

Flannery and Jeremy bring renewed life and creative spirit to this home, in which they live with their six-year-old daughter Vivienne and the family cats! The restoration of the “Manor” has been at once respectful of the craftsmanship, period details and original intentions of this home, while providing an edgy, energetic and light-filled shift in the aesthetics, a harmonious marriage of old-meets-renewal.

The dramatic stairway in the FOYER is truly among the most memorable features of the Good Lane Manor! The Hiber children were known for sliding down its bannisters, occasionally breaking a spindle or two! The wallpaper in this room is original, flocked damask, but has recently brought light into this hall after being painted white; preservation meets renewal! Notice the framed Christmas card the family commissioned in 2012 from artist Amy Heitman, featuring the trio (and their cat) in front of the house. A feline appears again in the Andy Warhol (a favorite artist) print. Flannery’s eclectic collections include bottle-brush Christmas trees!

Original mahogany paneling imbues the STUDY with a richness and depth in this epitome of mid-century interior architecture. This is Jeremy’s sophisticated “man cave” although the room is shared by all. Jeremy works in agriculture, but is passionate about flying; his favorite pastime is taking a Cessna Skyhawk 172 into the clouds! Years ago, the Hiber kids would sneak into the STUDY through the west window, when arriving home after curfew (their mother, an accomplice, would intentionally leave the window unlocked)! Vivienne, who takes after her artist mother, created the painting of “Cupcake,” the airplane Jeremy flies. The Matisse lithograph was a gift from Flannery’s parents, purchased on a trip to Paris. The mid-century modern clock was an anniversary surprise from Flannery to Jeremy. Spanning the east wall, the contemporary art triptych was a wedding gift to the couple from artist Heather Gates (a Fresno High School alum).

The former maid’s quarters, with en suite bathroom, is now the home GYM. The bathroom was recently remodeled.

The KITCHEN boasts its original cabinetry, with steel-lined drawers for onions, locking liquor cabinets, and includes a wet bar! Flannery was a cocktail blogger for five years, with her sister Katherine, “Fashionably Bombed” led to publication of their book, “Candy Cocktails” published in 2014 by Running Press and featuring 50 original cocktails all made out of candy! Flannery now designs crazy, fun acrylic and Swarovski crystal jewelry under her brand name Sparkle Bomb. Her workshop is in the basement! Jeremy is the chef de la manor, and enjoys the restored, light-filled space. Originally the cabinets were painted blue! The original linoleum floor featured a large “F” for Fourchy. When the couple remodeled last year, they had the banquette, which had been removed in a 1990’s remodel, rebuilt, again nodding to respect for the original intentions and architectural integrity of the house. Note the original roll-down window screens. Art in the kitchen is by Katherine Good and Vivienne Good-Lane.

Art in the sizable LAUNDRY ROOM is by Enrique Meza.

The formal DINING ROOM features sunburst mirrors collected by Flannery, with original wallpaper and chandelier. Mr. Hiber enjoyed formal dinners, seated at the head of the table, furthest from the kitchen. The children were expected to dress up for dinner every night, and no wet hair was allowed! Jeremy prefers to sit closest to the kitchen, a chef’s prerogative. The portrait of the woman was painted in 1966, a local artist, and local subject, purchased by the couple at an estate sale on Yale. The subject of the painting is rumored to have been mentally ill. Planet paintings by Katherine Good.

The spacious LIVING ROOM continues the theme of renewal, while maintaining the architectural beauty of the home. The family’s collection of pink Christmas ornaments adorns the tree. Architectural prints of world-famous opera houses grace the mantle. The sailboat painting is by French artist Georges Lambert. Miami Palms photograph by Natalie Obradovich represents the family’s first vacation to Miami and the Florida Keys, a treasured location. Squares painting is by Michelle Daisy Moffitt. Note the original brass and steel window hardware.

The KNOTTY PINE GUEST ROOM is affectionately called the “Modern Lodge” by the family. The knotty pine paneling was popular in the era, and is original. Black cat print is by Los Angeles artist Christ Turnham. Photograph is of Vivienne riding Annie the horse!

The BLUE BATHROOM features a caricature of the family in an airplane, drawn by an artist at the Fresno Fair.

Six-year-old Keplar Charter School first-grader VIVIENNE’S ROOM features neon lips by Katherine Good, as well as other artwork by locals Dominique James and Alexa Westerfield. The dress hanging on the wall above the dresser is her first party dress, when she was one week old! Every year Vivienne chooses her own Christmas tree and decorates it herself! Her room was the original girl’s room; of the six children, the Hiber’s had only one daughter. Vivienne loves art, cats, and riding horses.

Jeremy and Flannery have created a cozy MASTER BEDROOM retreat. Art is by Spanish artist Victoria Gonzalez and British artist Jon Burgess. They consulted a feng shui specialist in design this room, including furniture placement here and throughout the home. The upstairs rooms are connected by an exterior veranda, yet another outstanding feature of the home. Mary Frances Hiber (the youngest of the six Hiber children) was in a sorority at Fresno State and through a raging party here in 1986 while her parents were out of town. She recalls the veranda was full of people dancing! The party was actually announced on the Fresno State radio station.

Painting in the UPSTAIRS HALLWAY is by German artist Kirsten Handlemann.